SUNCAT Updates

In order to act as an effective location service for serials held in the UK it is vital that SUNCAT is kept as current as possible. The SUNCAT team have worked with the Contributing Libraries to set up regular updates and almost all of the libraries are now in regular updating cycles. The table below summarises how updates are supplied to SUNCAT, the frequency of the update cycle and the date the last update was received by SUNCAT.

A small number of the Contributing Libraries are not yet supplying updates to SUNCAT. This may be because the team are still working with the Library to set up their updating cycle or it may be that the Library is currently unable to send regular updates. Where we have additional information we will supply this.

Type of update

Some Contributing libraries supply partial update files to SUNCAT which simply contain information about any changes to the library’s data since their last update, e.g. new serials’ records added, amendments and deletions. However, not all Library Management Systems are able to identify and supply these changes to SUNCAT and in these cases the library sends a full file of all their serials and this is used to replace the previous file on SUNCAT. Further details on supplying updates are available.


SUNCAT has negotiated updating schedules with contributing libraries on an individual basis. In the majority of cases libraries send updates monthly, a few send updates more frequently but SUNCAT generally only processes updates once per month. Some smaller libraries, which do not make a large number of changes to their serials’ data, send updates on a less frequent basis, quarterly or bi-annually.

Contributing Library Type of update Frequency of update Date of last update
Aberdeen University Full Quarterly 01-Apr-15
Aberystwyth University Full Quarterly 13-Mar-15
Bath University Full Monthly 19-Feb-15
Birmingham University Partial Monthly 22-Oct-13
Bolton University Full Semi-annual 25-Aug-14
Bradford University Partial Quarterly 17-Feb-15
Bristol University Partial Monthly 22-Apr-15
British Film Institute Not yet updating Unknown 04-Feb-10
British Library Partial Monthly 14-Apr-15
British Museum Library Full Bi-monthly 08-Apr-15
Brunel University Full Monthly 01-Mar-15
Cambridge University Partial Monthly 08-Apr-15
Cardiff University Full Monthly 09-Apr-15
City University London Full Quarterly 23-Dec-14
CONSER Partial Weekly 29-Apr-15
Courtauld Institute of Art Partial Quarterly 06-Feb-15
Cranfield University Full Monthly 20-Apr-15
De Montfort University Full Monthly 23-Apr-15
Directory of Open Access Journals Full Monthly 10-Apr-15
Dundee University Full Monthly 01-Apr-15
Durham University Full Monthly 26-Mar-15
Edinburgh Napier University Partial Monthly 06-May-13
Edinburgh University Partial Monthly 21-Apr-15
Essex University Full Quarterly 27-Jan-15
Exeter University Full Monthly 12-Mar-15
Glasgow School of Art Full Three times a year 25-Feb-15
Glasgow University Partial Monthly 10-Apr-15
Goldsmiths University of London Full Unknown 09-Apr-15
Hull University Full Bi-monthly 06-Nov-14
Imperial College, London Full Quarterly 03-Jun-13
Institution of Civil Engineers Full Semi-annually 28-Apr-15
Institution of Engineering and Technology Full Quarterly 11-Jul-11
ISSN Partial Monthly 15-Apr-15
Kent University Partial Monthly 01-May-15
King's College London Full Monthly 02-May-15
Kingston University Full Monthly 15-Nov-13
Lancaster University Full Semi-annually 08-May-12
Leeds University Full Quarterly 27-Mar-15
Leicester University Partial Monthly 20-Mar-15
Library of the Society of Friends Partial Annual 23-Apr-14
Liverpool University Partial Bi-monthly 06-Mar-15
London Business School Full Monthly 07-Apr-15
The London Library Partial Monthly 27-Mar-15
London Metropolitan University Full Monthly 25-Mar-15
London School of Economics and Political Science Full Monthly 07-Jul-14
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Full Quarterly 02-Apr-15
Loughborough University Partial Quarterly 30-Mar-15
Manchester Metropolitan University Full Quarterly 26-Feb-15
Manchester Public Libraries Full Closed until 2014  
Manchester University Partial Monthly 21-May-13
National Archives Full Monthly 01-May-15
National Art Library Full Quarterly 17-Feb-15
National Institute for Medical Research Unknown Unknown 18-May-09
National Library of Scotland Partial Monthly 02-Apr-15
National Library of Wales Partial Not yet updating 08-May-04
National Museum Wales Full Quarterly 17-Feb-15
National Museums Scotland Full Unknown 09-Dec-14
NERC: Natural Environment Research Council Full Quarterly 02-Mar-15
Natural History Museum Full Monthly 25-Jul-14
Newcastle University Full Monthly 22-Apr-15
Nottingham University Partial Monthly 01-Apr-15
Open University Full Quarterly 05-Nov-14
Oxford University Partial Monthly 22-Apr-15
Queen Margaret University Full Unknown 19-Mar-15
Queen Mary, University of London Full Monthly 15-Mar-15
Queen's University Belfast Partial Monthly 03-May-15
Reading University Full Quarterly 17-Mar-15
Robert Gordon University Full Monthly 02-Apr-15
Royal Asiatic Society Full Semi-annually 06-Feb-15
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh Full Semi-annually 22-Apr-15
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Full Quarterly 01-Aug-13
Royal College of Music Partial Monthly 20-Apr-15
Royal College of Nursing Full Quarterly 04-Mar-15
Royal Geographical Society Partial Not yet updating 01-Apr-08
Royal Institute of British Architects Full Semi-annually 04-Nov-14
Royal Museums Greenwich Caird Library Partial Quarterly 31-Oct-14
Royal Society Full Semi-annually 28-Apr-15
Royal Society of Medicine Full Monthly 07-Apr-15
Royal Veterinary College Full Monthly 21-May-14
St Andrews University Partial Monthly 07-Apr-15
School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London Full Quarterly 12-Feb-15
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Library Full Semi-annually 16-Aug-13
Scottish National Gallery Research Library Full Semi-annually 20-Aug-14
Senate House Libraries, University of London Full Bi-monthly 01-Feb-13
Sheffield Hallam University Partial Bi-monthly 16-Jan-15
Sheffield University Partial Monthly 01-Apr-15
Society of Antiquaries of London Partial Quarterly 12-Nov-14
Southampton University Partial Weekly 03-May-15
Stirling University Full Monthly 28-Feb-13
Strathclyde University Full Monthly 20-Mar-15
Sussex University Partial Monthly 08-Apr-15
Swansea University Full Monthly 15-Apr-15
Tate Library (Tate Britain) Full Semi-annually 09-Mar-15
Trinity College Dublin Partial Monthly 03-Feb-15
University College London Full Monthly 27-Feb-15
University of East Anglia Full Semi-annually 06-Mar-15
University of the Arts London Full Quarterly 16-Jan-15
University of the West of England (UWE) Full Monthly 23-Apr-15
Warwick University Partial Monthly 07-Apr-15
Wellcome Library Partial Quarterly 29-Apr-15
Wiener Library Full Semi-annually 29-Apr-15
Women's Library @ LSE Full Monthly 07-Jul-14
York University Partial Monthly 01-May-15
Zoological Society of London Full Quarterly 14-Apr-15