Case Studies from Contributing Libraries

The following case studies have been provided by SUNCAT Contributing Libraries to describe their experience of contributing data to SUNCAT. The studies focus on the process of actually supplying data, the time and staff resources involved, plus comments on the documentation provided and communication with the SUNCAT team during this period.

The SUNCAT team have used the information in these case studies to review some of our procedures and to make improvements where possible. Details of the SUNCAT responses are documented in the case studies.

If would be interested in compiling a case study for SUNCAT, please contact the User Requirements Project Officer at

  1. Cambridge University [Voyager] (PDF file, 776 kb)
  2. Glasgow University [Innovative Millennium] (PDF file, 780 kb)
  3. Manchester Metropolitan University [Talis] (PDF file, 780 kb)
  4. University of Bristol [Aleph version 17] (PDF file, 1,118 kb)