OpenURL linking to SUNCAT

Creating OpenURL links to SUNCAT allows web resources and services such as online reading lists, catalogues and bibliographic databases to link directly into SUNCAT, providing the user with details on where they can access articles either in person or via document delivery.

It is possible to link to SUNCAT using the OpenURL script

SUNCAT uses the standard OpenURL parameters. To complete the remainder of the search string we recommend using rft.genre=journal followed by one or more of the following keys depending on the type of query you wish to submit to SUNCAT

OpenURL key SUNCAT search
jtitle Title keyword(s)
title Title keyword(s)
issn ISSN
aucorp Author (organisation or conference)
place Place of publication
pub Publisher
isbn ISBN

For example

will find records for the journal, British journal of industrial relations and

will find records for journals from the Royal Society of Medicine.

More information on OpenURL linking is available from NISO Standards.

OpenURL linking from SUNCAT

An OpenURL button which can be found in the full record display for each title provides users with a link to their local URL resolver. The link offers users options for full text access, depending on their entitlement, or to alternatives such as Inter-Library Loan services at their local institution.

SUNCAT uses the JISC OpenURL Router service to link to local resolvers, using a button image specific to each resolver. To benefit from this functionality librarians should register their resolver with the OpenURL Router

Some resolvers will require the SUNCAT OpenURL SID or rft_id identifier: ALEPH:SUN90