Supplying records to SUNCAT - Note for Aleph Libraries

For Aleph libraries, EDINA would prefer to receive an Aleph sequential file for input into SUNCAT.

The following information on export has been provided by Ex Libris. If you experience any problems or have any queries about supplying data please contact the SUNCAT team ( If one of the team is unable to help we may be able to put you in touch with another Contributing Library member, using Aleph, for further information and guidance.

1. Define the following in your bibliographic database:


PRINT-REC expand_doc_bib_hol

1.1 If you do not have a 001 field in your records, apply:


(This program builds a 001 field that contains the system number of the record. The field is built only if the 001 field does not already exist in the record.)

2. To extract data use:

* p_ret_01 (Retrieve Catalog Records) - specify in TAG field "FMT" and in "from" / "to" put "SE" for all Serials.

* p_print_03 (Download Machine-Readable Records)

For assistance with the data extract contact the SUNCAT team; we may be able to advise, or suggest an appropriate contact who can also advise.


When supplying information on new/changed/deleted serial records and holdings, use the procedures above, plus additional parameters in p_ret_01:

New records:

- enter the required range of dates in the "From Creation Date” and “To Creation Date" input boxes.

Updated records:

- enter the required range of dates in the "From Last Updated Date” and “To Last Updated Date" input boxes.

Deleted records:

- in some instances these will be retrieved with updated records, if not:

- identify the records using a tag such as “DEL” or “STA” (i.e. use the TAG input box)

Note: Although some Aleph deleted records are very brief, we will still be able to use them to overwrite existing records in SUNCAT.