Supplying records to SUNCAT - Note for Talis Libraries

* For those Talis libraries using MARC21, please use only the general document on supplying records to SUNCAT.

For those Talis libraries which have not yet transferred to MARC21, EDINA can accept a CSV/text output, which we will put into Marc communications format. A sample file with the suggested output will be supplied to the contributing library. There are advantages to EDINA if all Talis outputs are the same, as then the same conversion program can be used.

If you experience any problems or have any queries about supplying data please contact the SUNCAT team ( If one of the team is unable to help we may be able to put you in touch with another Contributing Library member, using Talis, for further information and guidance.


  • each record to start with: RECORD=
  • tags and content should be separated by spaces rather than tabs
  • output long data fields as one very long row
  • the local control number is included as tag 001 and in cases where the ISSN is the local control number, this is repeated in the 022 tag.
  • only selected 008 elements are included as others will not map to Marc21
    These are the 008 elements to include (with UKMARC mapping):
    • 008 DT - date of publication (cp 8-11)
    • 008 CT - country of publication (cp 16-18) If empty use |||
    • 008 TS - type of serial (cp 39)
    • 008 GV - government publication (cp 29)
    • 008 CN - conference (cp 30) If empty use |
    • 008 LG - language (cp 36-38) If empty use |||
  • tag values under 100 are not left- padded with zeroes.
  • the digit after the tag value is the tag repeat count. If the field is the first with this tag value, the count is set to '0'. If it is the second, it is set to '1', etc. The following two digits are the indicators. e.g.
    • 710 0 21 a Conference on Electrical Insulation
    • 710 0 21 c Committee on Digest of Literature
    • 710 1 21 a National Research Council
    • 710 1 21 e U.S.
  • subfields are output in the correct order, not alphabetical order, i.e. NOT
    600 1 0 _aKeats
  • local Marc tags are not included
  • the following Talis fields are included:
    • SRC - Source field (mapped to tag 590)
    • ORG - Originator field (mapped to tag 591)
    • ENC - WORKS.TYPE_OF_WORK field (mapped to 008 cp 24)
    Please advise if you have additional UKMARC values/meanings for ENC:
    0,1,13,19 = W (text)
    8 = M (microform)
    12 = K (e-journals)


Supply one set of fields below for each holding:




Please advise if you have any additional elements.


When supplying update files, indicate deletions by adding "DELETE", i.e.:

[rest of record]